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Power Up With Innovative Computer Networking Solutions

Take the first step towards optimized connectivity and efficiency.

Powerful Hardware

Powerful Hardware

We offer computer networking equipment from top vendors, including Ubiquiti, Cisco, Juniper, HP, Edgecore, and MikroTik. Our cost-effective prices help businesses implement communication solutions at scale.

Revolutionary Solutions

Revolutionary Solutions

From design to deployment, we craft and install cutting-edge networks tailored to your business. Our expert technicians ensure reliable, high-performance connectivity, empowering your operations for success.

License & Warranty

License & Warranty

We provide vendor warranty and services for networking equipment, along with add-on licenses, software, and operating systems. You can also opt for the Lan-Tech warranty, which includes a guarantee from our top partners.

Lan-Tech Experts Are Here To Help

Fortify your network communications

Lan-Tech Systems & Communications was founded in 2001 with a clear vision to supply high-end computer networking solutions and equipment.

Today, the company provides communication services for all industry sectors, including government agencies, private and public schools, hospitals, enterprises, and local businesses.

Lan-Tech’s customers include Tnuva, Delek, Electra, AMIT, Afcon, Rami Levi Hashikma Marketing, I.E. Mittwoch & Sons, Africa Israel, Hilton Tel Aviv, Rav Bariach, and more.


Your Network, Our Priority

We supply advanced communication products and solutions by the best manufacturers in the world. Our goal is to help you transform your network for seamless connectivity and unparalleled efficiency. 

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Wireless & LAN Networks

Access Points, Cellular Routers, Ethernet Routers, Switches, Network Management.

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Optical Networks

GPON, Fiber Cables, SFP optical modules.

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Industrial Networks

Switches, Wireless, Routers, Gateways, and more.

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Ubiquiti is a pioneering technology company renowned for its high-performance, cost-effective networking solutions, catering to enterprises and service providers. Specializing in wireless communication products, Ubiquiti’s innovative hardware and software empower seamless connectivity and network management.

Lan-Tech is the sole Distributor & Master Reseller of Ubiquiti in Israel and The Palestinian Authority.

Communication Excellence

All Computer Networking Vendors

Powerful, Simple, Seamless

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