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Ubiquiti Inc. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of networking technology products for service providers, enterprises, and home networking users. The company develops technology platforms for high-capacity distributed Internet access, unified information technology, and consumer electronics for professional, home, and personal use.

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Ubiquiti Products

Ubiquiti’s products are distinguished by their compact design, performance, and affordability, making sophisticated networking technology accessible to both small businesses and consumers.


The EdgeMAX product line provides advanced routers and switches for complex routing and robust performance in professional networks, with a focus on centralized management, enhanced reliability, and efficient scalability.


AirMAX is a line of outdoor wireless equipment that enables high-speed internet connections over long distances, suitable for service providers and customers in areas lacking traditional Internet infrastructure.


UniFi is Ubiquiti’s most well-known enterprise platform, which includes a wide range of networking devices like Wi-Fi access points, switches, gateways, and cameras, all managed via a central interface.

UniFi Switching

UniFi Switches deliver performance, switching, and power over ethernet support for enterprise networks.


UFiber GPON is a plug-and-play fiber network technology to build high-speed fiber internet networks.


airFiber is a wireless back haul point-to-point radio system including base stations and customer premise equipment.

UniFi Gateway

UniFi Gateway Console is an enterprise-class router and security gateway device designed to manage and route traffic within the UniFi ecosystem.

UniFi Protect

This surveillance system solution offers high-definition video recording and monitoring, accessible remotely via a web or mobile app within the UniFi ecosystem.

UniFi Access

UniFi Access is a scalable, integrated door access control system offering seamless management through the UniFi Network Controller.

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Lan-Tech is the sole Distributor & Master Reseller of Ubiquiti in Israel and The Palestinian Authority.

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