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Moti Shem Tov

Chief Executive Officer


Moti Shem Tov co-leads Lan-Tech Systems & Communications Ltd. as its Co-CEO, a role he has held since the company’s establishment in 2001. His leadership has been integral to the company’s focus on delivering advanced computer networking solutions. With over two decades of experience in the technology sector, Moti’s expertise lies in strategic business development and the implementation of client-centric technology solutions. His approach combines practical innovation with a deep understanding of market trends, ensuring that Lan-Tech’s offerings remain relevant and competitive. Moti’s strategic vision and industry knowledge continue to be essential in the company’s growth and operational excellence.


Strategic Leadership100%
Innovative Thinking100%
Extensive Industry Experience100%
Advanced Network Solutions 100%

Contact Info

Phone : (ֿ+972)-9-9566908
Email : sales@lan-tech.co.il